Benoît Mandelbrot dies at 85
October 26th 2010
Benoît Mandelbrot the father of fractals died the 14th of October. More information here.
 Can fractals make sense of the quantum world?
April 17th 2009
The physicist Tim Palmer thinks that the mathematics of fractals could help to better understand quantum theory. Link to this story.
 Is the universe a fractal?
March 22nd 2007
The latest issue (March 2007) of NewScientist has an article asking the following question: 'Is the universe a fractal?' A controversial theory is presented: the distribution of matter in the universe could be fractal and not smooth.
March 20th 2007
FractalZone has a new domain name in .fr. You can go here via or via
 New web host provider
March 15th 2007
FractalZone moved to a new web host provider. Space was a problem at the older one but now I have plenty of room to extend! If you see problems with the new site, please send me an email.
 Fractal pie
December 10th 2006
Always looked for a real application of fractals? Some crazy people cooked a giant fractal pecan pie. It allowed them to solve the crust to filling ratio problem.
 New and updated links
October 21st 2006
Iadded 12 new links and updated the oldest ones.
 Internal changes and FractalZone status
April 11th 2006
These last months I didn't work a lots on FractalZone. The main change is that now the site is XHTML 1.1 compliant. The links have also been updated.
I continue to receive very regularly requests to use my fractals on personal websites or blogs. If you too, you want to use one of them, please send me an email to ask for permission.
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