New links
March 26th 2002
These days, I surfed a lot on fractal websites. You will find a small selection of my new discoveries on the "links" page.
 Infinite Fractal Loop
February 17th 2002
Good news for FractalZone. The site has been included into the Infinite Fractal Loop. This loop contains a lot of high quality fractal websites. The entry page is at the bottom of the main gallery page.
 New gallery: Winter 2001-2002
January 9th 2002
The new gallery called "Winter 2001-2002" is now online. This is a selection of my work during the last months. The presented fractals are of various type and are characteristics of what can be realized in fractal art.
 New gallery in preparation
December 22nd 2001
I'm currently working on a new gallery. I still have to create two or three more pictures. It should be online in one or two weeks.
 Buy new posters!
September 13th 2001
The fractals of the new gallery are now available in posters. If you would like to decorate your house or are looking for a gift, that's a good idea.
 "About me"
September 11th 2001
I've just updated the "About me" page. If you're interested in who I am and what I'm doing, it's the right place.
 New gallery
August 30th 2001
As promised, I uploaded a new gallery to FractalZone. It contains 13 new fractals created this summer with Flarium24. They represent a large panel of different styles and they were too varied to be classified. Therefore, I put them in a gallery named "Summer 2001".
If you want to buy a poster of one of them, you will have to wait one or two weeks before to be available. Be patient!
Don't hesitate to send me your comments by email. You will probably have to wait one week for my answer because I will be away for my job.
August 8th 2001
These days, I find quite often people using my pictures without my permission. To reduce the problem, I decided to add a small copyright notice on each picture in the galleries.
If you want to use one of my fractal please contact me by email. In the case you would like to use it for a personal page, I will probably give you the permission for free. At the present time, I never had to refuse. If you are currently using one of my pictures without my authorization, please contact me to regularize the situation.
For the people waiting for new pictures, I have good news. I'm working on new images. I hope to have a new gallery in 2 or 3 weeks.
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