New bookcover
July 11th 2005
A new book with the fractal Depth on the cover has been published. It is a book about strategy and management written by Winfried van Overbeek in dutch.
 New gallery : Winter 2004-2005
December 11th 2004
My second gallery named "Winter 2004-2005" created with XaoS is now online. It contains a selection of 20 new pictures which represent various fractal types. If you like them, you can buy them and get posters, mouse pads, magnets, t-shirts or even download high-resolution images.
 Programme of the Post Theatre Company, New York
November 15th 2004
The Post Theatre Company at Long Island University selected the fractal called "spiral" to illustrate their programme for the 2004-2005 season. You can find a copy of the cover on the bookcovers page.
 New look (second part)
November 12th 2004
The improvements to the design of FractalZone continue. The menu has been redesigned and a lot of small changes have been made. There is still work to do to standardize the various pages but it is under way. I also intend to add a new gallery in several weeks and to update the content of the site.
 New look
September 26th 2004
After three years with the same design, it was time to modify it to a more modern one. This is now partly done! More changes will appear soon. Please feel free to give your opinion and suggestions.
 New gallery
March 7th 2004
The first gallery of the year is now available. I selected 20 new fractals created with XaoS 3.1. These are my first creations with this software. Enjoy them!
 New bookcover
December 20th 2003
A new book with the fractal Mandelbrot 05 on the cover has been published. This is the third bookcover I get. A revised edition of the two first is also expected in 2004.
If you want one of my image on your book, please contact me.
 Changes coming soon
July 1st 2003
No, FractalZone is not dead! I know I didn't update it recently, but I had too many other things to do. In the following weeks, I intend to add a series of reviews of fractal software (mainly for linux). I already tested some, but have not yet written anything.
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